Getting To Know Me

Writing blogs is one thing, but trying to describe yourself in a light-hearted, entertaining way is a whole different barrel of fish. Lets see. I could go dating profile style:

Name: Sharon

Age: How dare you ask a lady…

Star Sign: Leo

Loves: Long walks on the beach, setting things on fire and swinging said things around my head, bondage…

Hates: Stupid people…and bar flies.

Or I could go author profile in a book style:

Sharon was born in Boston, England (though she rarely admits it) to her RAF parents. She has one older brother who threw her down a flight of stairs once. She currently resides in Lincoln in her father’s house.

Or I could just be straight:

Hi, I’m Sharon, I work in a pub and soon I shall become an air hostess for an airline company once the bloody start dates arrive.

These are my ramblings and the story of how I try to be an adult.


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