I once read in a psychology magazine that we should celebrate being ordinary. Take comfort in drinking four cups of tea a day; thrive in our obsession with the weather. It said that famous and ‘extra ordinary’ people had been pre-chosen by their parents giving them the advantages they needed to break through.

I don’t want to celebrate this. Some people may be happy with their nine to five and two point four family, but not me. If I start accepting that this is it and be forever content with how my ‘ordinary’ chips fell then I’ll never get the production company making shorts and music videos. Instead I’ll be working the same waitressing job that won’t lead anywhere as it’s a family business, even if there was the opportunity to manage it I’d say no. To continue working in servitude (yes it IS servitude. Where else in the working environment do you tell people what you want and when you’re displeased tell them off for bringing you something inadequate even though the person bringing it didn’t make it but clearly should have known your needs and wants as that’s why you’re there) will soon enough destroy who and want I am.

I refuse to give in. Something else I read that influences me is ‘once you stop striving for perfection you might as well be dead’ and that’s how I see celebrating being ordinary, the stopping of trying to reach something better. The death of ambition and youth.

With this realisation in mind I volunteered at a community radio station to start giving me back the drive for my ambition and a platform to use to help make steps towards my dream.

Till next time keep striving.


3 thoughts on “Ordinary

  1. My darling God-daughter, I am so proud of you – nothing phases you – I wish I had your positive outlook since at the moment, I want to crawl under a hedge and go to sleep and wake up when the employment market brightens up or I am free to move away and start again – I have itchy feet – I want to move but I have responsibilities now – I am next of kin to an auntie with dementia and I spend my life keeping my mother sane by taking over the stress of auntie.
    Big hugs from me and him – when are you coming up to see us?
    Lots of love

  2. Brief and brilliant! Good stuff as ever, Kitters. You have much to teach us. Yes, I may never get where I’m trying to go, but that won’t stop me from trying and the journey is often more enjoyable than the destination.

    Keep it up. Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. That’s exactly how I feel. I was actually told by some guy a few days ago that I should get married and apparently that would solve all my problems and I’ll be “normal”… please I never enjoyed normal.

    I only love the extraordinary! And that’s why you and I are friends, “weird” attracts “weird” lol!

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