Ode To The Charitable Ones

It seems that I’m surrounded by friends who dedicate parts of there time to worth while causes. First up is Andy and Sarah. They have set up The Amazing Adventures of Claude Mac Trevor in support of CMT. For more information on what CMT is and how it efforts the lives of people across the globe I’ve supplied the link to CMT uk. The aim of Claude Mac Trevor is to raise awareness of CMT though the travels of Claude a dinosaur. When you donated to the cause you can supply them with your address and have Claude sent to you. Once he arrives, you can write down his adventures with you in his diary, take photos and tag them to the page, makes videos of him and just spread the love in general about this fabulous dinosaur. Once you’ve had some quality with the loveable dinosaur, you just contact them for the next address and send Claude on his merry travels.

Next up are two of my workmates. Brian is our resident, cheeky-chappy from Ireland. For a whole month he will be going around Lincoln and anywhere for that matter barefoot. That’s right, no shoes or socks just the natural soles that God gave him. To understand the method behind his madness go look at his website, but in a nutshell he’s doing it to help people in Uganda.

Which leaves Lisa. She will be running the Edinburgh Marathon for Cancer Research and in the memory of Samantha Cass who passed away recently. The event is taking place on the 27th May 2012. Lisa has a just giving page for anyone who wishes to donate for her run.

With all this happening around me I’ve gotten me in a charitable mood. It’s hard at the moment for me to donate and give myself due to the financial situation my partner and I are going through. So I’ve decided that I will organise and run a Blog-A-Thon. This will involve me writing a blog on the hour for 24 hours. I will not pre-write any of the blogs. I intend to take the themes for the blogs from the comment section of the first blog I write on the day (which I’ve yet to confirm) and then from the comment section of the following blogs. These themes can be anything from the origins of a particular word to writing a short story about a monkey and its pet panda. You tell me and I type it. Each blog will be between 500-1000 words. Please don’t put any ideas in the comment section to this blog as I will have to disregard it. Only on the day.

For those of you thinking this will be a walk in the metaphorical park, feeding the imaginative ducks with sparks of synapse and neuron bread, you would be mistaken. Part of my dyslexia that I suffer with makes it hard to communicate my thoughts on to paper (or type on a screen in this case). It’s like a permanent writers block and unless I’ve spent a good two hours minimum thinking over exactly what I want to type, I find it incredible hard to complete a writing task. Still I wouldn’t set myself a challenge if it was easy.

In other news I’ve started a new blog about my life as a waitress. I’ll mainly be ranting about customers and compiling a list of things your waitress won’t say to you. It’s called Walking For Miles so please enjoy.

My second attempt at making my first vlog on YouTube has yet again failed. This time due to a Trojan Horse virus. Thankfully I caught it in time before my partners computer was compromised.

Well till next time Citizens.


One thought on “Ode To The Charitable Ones

  1. look forward to reading them kitty and good luck am sure you will get it completed. and they don’t have to be very long. 🙂

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