Inevitable Passings

540569_10150882308478154_906845976_nThis isn’t the original blog I was planning on posting. In fact I was sat typing at my Dad’s house furiously trying to complete the blog I had wanted to post. In the end it just didn’t feel, look or type right. I’d tried over coming this sensation by cutting and pasting the entire word document, like some form of creative writing jigsaw puzzle. Just I didn’t have the box to show me the picture or those important pieces that help to make sense of the jumbled up mess of colour that lies in front of you.

What was stopping me and why? I love zombies and typing a blog about the cult obsession is perfect for me, considering I believe myself a zombie survival expert. Alas it shall have to be typed another time.

For those of you who are not in the loop I recently had a death in my family. Her name was Isa Craig; she was 88 years old, my great-aunt and had a special button on her remote that made the sound on her TV go so loud that even dogs would howl in discomfort.

It’s always hard dealing with a death of a family member. For me it’s like losing a part of me. For years my family and I would go round to Isa’s on a Sunday for scotch pancakes, small cans of coke and lots of tea. It’s hard to think that I’ll no longer be able to enjoy those Sundays. I guess it’s like having a metaphorical limb amputated (I apologise if anyone is offended by my attempt to describe how I’m feeling, by using amputation as an example). As much as I force my brain to go through the commands of moving it, it’ll never be there again. The only thing I can do is learn to adapt to this new way of life.

I’d not given much thought to what had occurred as I did my normal ‘throw myself into as much work as possible’. It was my only day off yesterday and I think my brain actually had given up on trying to repress and was letting me start to process everything. Ultimately that would have been why zombies weren’t on the top of my blogging priorities.

I’m looking forward to reminiscing with my family at the wake. To be able to mourn properly and celebrate Isa’s life will be the release I need. Repressing will only lead to me shouting at someone for accidentally dropping a fork, or something just as stupid.

For now that will do. Next time though, I promise you a blog in the form of zombies.


3 thoughts on “Inevitable Passings

  1. I’m sorry about your aunt, may she rest in peace. At least she knows how you feel and you’ll forever carry wonderful feelings and memories about her; so as long as you live, she lives 🙂 So make sure don’t give in to any zombies any time soon….even if it’s your aunts zombie…

    If it’s in bad taste, just feel free to knock me across the head – I’d be okay with my dead mother returning as a zombie joke :p

    Give my condolences to your family and think of all the wonderful rpging, zombies, music and noming on noodles there’s to be had.

  2. Oh kitty-cat! I’m so very sorry for your loss. I’m lucky enough to have three or my grandparents alive, and I never knew any of my great aunts or uncles, but I’m still very scared to lose the ones I have, and I try to spend more time with and talk to my grandparents as often as possible.
    Don’t worry about the zombies, their time will come. *hugs*

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about this, Kitters. Farnsworth keeps asking why we haven’t heard from Kitty, I had to explain it to him today, and he too passes on his condolences.

    There isn’t much you can say to people at times like these, so I’ll simply say we’re thinking of you, we miss you, and we hope to see you back on the blog (and in person) very soon.

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