Ushering in the YouTube age

Recently I have discovered that I already HAVE a camera to record with. I have had this camera for about five years now. How was I not aware of this fact, I metaphorically hear you ask. Well back in year two of university I decided to buy a new digital camera. The main purpose of this camera was to take lots of cool photos, the fact it could record didn’t matter to me back then. I have used this camera hundreds of times since its purchase and it has only been in the past few years that I have wanted to get into YouTube. Each month that has past I have told myself ‘I’m going to start saving for a camera’. Strangely enough with each month no money was saved. Well no more I say! I have FINALLY remembered and now I have the first stone placed down on my path to YouTube.

This past week has involved me writing a lot of rough scripts and drawing a few storyboards. The film bug has fully bitten me again and I’m loving it! At the moment I’ve been concentrating on music videos, as I have such a passion for that media form, but I do have tons of ideas for character, biscuit, anatomy, physics, maths, awareness, review, vlog based mini-series.  All the ideas are swimming around my grey matter in a synchronised pattern, to form one big, smiling Kitty.

The next step is getting the editing side sorted. Once this occurs then nothing can stop me from filling your screens with pure nonsense. Pure, unadulterated, mental nonsense. You excited yet?

In other news, I’ll be filming soon with Sleepless Knight. Hazaar! It’s so much fun knowing you get to slap Farnsworth. (Sorry Jimbot, hope that wasn’t meant to be a surprise.) Let’s hope we can track that elusive creature know as the Richard down.

Right I’m off to be excitable and annoying. All I’ve been talking about to my partner is my ideas and I’m pretty sure he’s going to drop dead soon if I don’t stop talking. I think it’s a risk I’m gonna have to take.

Till next time, stay Curious.


One thought on “Ushering in the YouTube age

  1. We are all looking forward to it as well, Kitters! Tracking Richard down is proving to be very difficult indeed, but no surprise there.

    I’m really excited that you’ve started blogging, and even more so about the channel. I’m looking forward to many years of collaboration between Sleepless Knight and Aninquisitivekat… assuming we can make it up to Edinburgh from time to time.

    You have one dedicated subscriber/follower for both your blog and your channel, and we all wish you the best of luck.

    We are naturally very sorry to be losing such a valuable member of the crew, but I have absolutely no doubt at all that you’ll do a superb job with your own channel. Let us know whenever you need our help. Richard might be hard to track down, but I think I can speak for Farnsworth and myself when I say “Just whistle, and we’ll come a runnin!”

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