Here I am.

Welcome all!

My name is Kitty and I’ll be your host whilst you’re here.

So the main reason for this blog is to help me break through my writers block and to try and combat my dyslexia. Hopeful I’ll be typing about my YouTube videos, once I’ve got myself a camera, updated my pc and got the editing software. So it’s gonnna be a while, but I’ll blog about that too.

I won’t lie, I will take a few blogs to have a rant about what’s getting to me, but I promise it will be far and few.

So sit back and hopefully I’ll spark your curiosity.

Grey matter turnover for the blog: what do butterflies get when they’re nervous?


3 thoughts on “Here I am.

    • Possible, that or it could be moths as a few friends have suggested. I personally perfer your look on it. The idea of people dancing in a butterflies stomach is much more entertaining 🙂

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